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Poke Breeders
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A new Breeder appears! 
24th-Jan-2011 05:04 pm
Wallace - Tea
Hey there,

So I recently finished my HG Ranch, that is a place with a lot of Dittos and every pokemon that can breed is available for an egg. If you prefer it to come hatched I can attach an item to it that you may need or you could ask for a mystery item and I will put a surprise from my surplus.

So basically
-every pokemon that hatches from an egg is available, all starters, all general pokemon from all 4 regions.
-they come with 4 egg moves, some pokemon have 2 variations, if you want to know the moves, ask :-), pokemon like Magnemite, Staryu, and Porygon come with TM moves.
-they can come in egg form or hatched with an item
-I practice Everstone and Power Item breeding, so one IV will likely be passed down of 31 and Nature is 50/50 chance.
-I can try to guarantee nature/ability/gender but it may take longer.

Requests are open, feel free to comment on this post or on a post in my LJ, I'll get a comment notification either way.

status: offline, but the offer is on-going

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