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Poke Breeders

Where Pokemon Breeders & Cloners Unite!

Pokémon Breeders
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Welcome to Pokemon Breeders! We're a new community for Pokemon Breeders & Cloners to discuss breeding / cloning techniques, swap secrets, and to trade their Pokemon! We're still setting things up but feel free to join and start posting.

For the time being, here are the rules:
#1. All post musts be related to breeding or cloning. Whether it be giving advice, asking a question, or setting up a trade-post, it must have something to do with breeding or cloning your Pokemon.

#2. Respect the other members of this community. It doesn't take a whole lot to treat eachother with respect. We're not asking you to love each other, just be respectful.

#3. No spamming. Do not make any posts that are not related to breeding / cloning, whether they have to do with Pokemon or not!

#4. Please, make no more than three posts a day. You can comment to your heart's content, but make no more than THREE entries per day as this clouds up peoples friend-pages and just causes a general mess. And please, don't cram your posts all into a matter of minutes. Please, give other people a chance to post before you post again!

#5. Please, keep your posts clean and tidy. Small header images, small font changes, font colors, etc. are fine, but please, don't turn your post into a circus act. We have to read this, remember?

#6. If you're making a post that contains spoilers, large pictures, or a lot of text, please use an lj-cut tag to contain the spoilers, pictures, text, etc.

#7. This is NOT the place to discuss whether cloning is or is not a legitimate practice! As far as this community is concerned, cloning is a useful tool, just like breeding, and has it's place. If you want to argue that fact, please do so privately.

#8. Go forth and breed! Have fun!

Thank you to pokewifi for the basis of these rules!