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8th-May-2010 03:28 pm
Salutations! I am Fresco, your local (or not so local) pokebreeder. I've been breeding since Diamond and Pearl, and I'm taking it to HGSS. I'm new to LJ and this community, so go easy on me! D:

I generally offer pokemon that I bred myself with a good egg move included and at least one 31 IV stat suitable of the pokemon. You can request for certain natures, but on default I will breed out the best nature for the pokemon. WARNING: Bred pokemon are only at level 1. I will not level them up.

This time, offering: Gibles. I have only 5 left.

Genders: 1 male and 4 females.

Nature: Adamant (+Atk and -Sp. Atk)

Maxed out IV: Attack

Egg move: Outrage

So contact me if you want them, yes?

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